Your services are provided pursuant to the Service Agreement executed between your company and RTV. A complete set of terms and conditions can be supplied upon request. Contained in those terms and conditions are the following:

You are responsible for all charges for Services furnished to you, as well as all persons using your facilities, exchange lines, codes or equipment with or without the knowledge or consent of you, the Customer. All calls placed over the Services RTV provides to your company must be paid by you.

All charges must be paid each month to keep your account current and avoid collection activities. However, basic services and associated taxes MUST  be paid to avoid disconnection. If service is suspended or disconnected, a reconnection fee and all outstanding charges must be paid prior to reconnection. A security deposit may also be required.

All bills are presumed accurate and shall be binding on your company unless objection is received by RTV within thirty (30) days after the invoice is  issued (“dispute”). RTV will not be required to issue credits, refunds or other adjustments if no dispute has been received from your company.

All of RTVs monthly recurring charges are billed in advance. Pro-rated charges will appear on the initial bill. A partial period credit may be issued  when customer disconnects from RTV’s services. Long Distance and other usage based charges are billed in arrears.

If you have complaints regarding RTV’s services being provided to your company, or complaints regarding a RTV employee or third party technician, please contact us at the address, phone or email shown above. If you cannot resolve your complaint with us, you may contact the Public Utility Commission in your state. If you do not have the contact information, an RTV employee would be happy to provide it to you.

If RTV is furnishing dedicated services to your company, you are required to furnish in writing a minimum of thirty (30) day notice of disconnection. Failure to provide this notice will lead to continued billing of the Service by RTV. Customer is responsible for any charges billed for lack of notice rendered. If Customer disconnects the Service prior to the end of the agreed term, RTV may levy an early termination charge of up to 100% of the remaining payments due under the Service Agreement, plus a recapture of any waived installation charges.